If you have a beard, you’re probably constantly looking for ways to keep it styled and conditioned so that you always look like you’re completely on top of your game.

Some people might have told you to try beard products that are made with petroleum jelly, and you might even have testing out their advice. Well, we’re here to tell you that you might want to reconsider and go with something more natural once you know a little more about petrolium jelly. Just our opinion, of course, but we’re pretty confident about it here at Beardpilot.

First of all, you should know that petroleum jelly is a by-product of the oil industry, a refined version of a thick gel that was discovered forming on oil wells back in the day. Sounds like exactly what you want to have on your beard, right? We’ll suggest not. If you want your beard to look and be healthy, go for 100% natural grooming-products with no artificial components instead.

oil in beard products

When petroleum jelly is refined, some of the toxins – and even carcinogens – are largely removed. However, while legislation and market pressure has lead to a high standard, no refining process is perfect. Hence leaving minuscule amounts of carcinogens and other goodies still imbedded in the jelly. The fact that there are carcinogens in them at all should be a reason for you to steer towards beard products that avoid petroleum jelly.

Now, another thing is petroleum jelly’s moisturizing properties. These are typically exaggerated, and the same goes for the beard products that contain it. They’ll keep moisture out, sure, but they won’t actually inject any moisture into your skin or facial hair. Hence in actuality drying out your facial hair and leaving them defenceless once you'r no longer using the product.

Petroleum jelly is even known to break down the process of healthy hair growth when used on facial hair, which won’t help you grow that thick, luscious, manly beard that you’re longing for.

As a side note, petroleum jelly does do a great job of clogging your skin’s pores, which can lead to the aggravation of existing issues such as acne, for example. Still want it in your beard products?

petroleum jelly in beard

When it comes to your beard, there are a lot of good products on the market, that provides better alternatives to ones containing petroleum. Beard oils, beard balms and other similar products that are specifically designed for treating your facial hair and are made with far gentler and more natural ingredients, such as beeswax, butters and oils. While these ingredients may not have the longevity in shellfire of petrolium jelly they make up for it in securing the longevity of your beard.

Just trust us when we tell you to be cautious when using petroleum jelly in your beard. It's of course up to you, but we will stick with the good stuff.

You are welcome to try our handmade and 100% natural beard-products with no artificial components and decide for yourself. Your beard will thank you later.

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