Devil's Cut Cask-aged Beard Oil

Devil's Cut Beard Oil

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Devil's Cut Beard Oil

Fact Sheet
Type: Beard Oil
Fragrance: Peated Whisky and Oak
Attribute: Heavy Duty
Size: 1oz / 30ml


The Devil's Cut is the first beard oil in Beardpilot's® "Cask-aged" series. Devil's Cut is Beardpilots®'s take on what a peated whisky beard oil should be.

Devil's Cut beard oil has been aged in a whiskey cask for 3.5 months where it has taken on its distinct and fabulous scent. The oil’s name comes from the illusive part of the whisky that disappears into the wood of the cask during the aging process, the so-called ‘devil’s cut’. With the Devil's Cut oil, we have been granted ration of the devil's share of these precious drops and have created a unique limited edition cask-aged beard oil.

The cask, which has previously housed both a heavily peated whisky and an unsweetened batch of rum, has been acquired via the Danish GetSpirits Distillery in Roskilde before touching down at Beardpilot®. In the bottle, the fragrance is reminiscent of fine spirits, which really emerge once heated in the hands, with the scent of peat smoke followed by rich oak. It is a finely balanced fragrance in a class of its own that can only be produced in this unique way.

Since the fragrance is not based on essential oils or perfume, but is instead a natural scent that the oil has acquired from the cask, the scent dissipates over time. The properties of the oil still persist as the fragrance retreats, and you should not have to worry about smelling of peated whisky and rum throughout the day (so neither your boss nor loved one will think you have been drinking at work!).

If you want to give your senses an experience without equal, we highly recommend you try the Devil's Cut!

This Devil's Cut Beard Oilis specifically for those who have a love for whisky, smoke and oak, all fragrances that smell of wilderness and the great outdoors.


The creation of the Devil's Cut Beard Oil is based on the timeless craftsmanship that goes into whisky production, combines with our vast knowledge of beard care, to give you a unique beard experience.

The oil is designed to absorb the maximum flavour from the content of the cask and at the same time provide unique care. The Devil's Cutis one of our heaviest oils that allows a great deal of control by only using the oil. However, for optimal care, we would suggest combining with a neutral butter or balm.

If you enjoy a nice dram of whisky, the Devil's Cutbeard oilis the perfect fit.


The Devil's Cut Beard Oilis a very limited edition and only 500 bottles have been produced, hence all bottles are individually numbered. Each bottle contains 30ml / 1oz and comes with a pipette. The beard oil is made from 100% natural raw materials (no petroleum based ingredients). In fact, every precaution is taken to ensure that only the very best and finest ingredients are found in our products.

Ingredients: Prunus armeniaca kernel oil, Argania spinosa kernel oil, Simmondsia chinensis seed oil, Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, Ricini Communis seed oil, Tocopherol.

NB.: Note that the Beard Oil contains products made from nuts. You should discontinue use if skin irritations occur.