Wünder-Fresh Combo

Wünder-Fresh Combo

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The idea for the Wünder-Fresh fragrance is conceived during a particularly rigorous brainstorming session between Angry Norwegian and Beardpilot®. We want to make a fragrance that is a bit more than one would expect. As Mr. Thorsen, the owner of Angry Norwegian, has currently no fragranced products, he is keen on something extra fresh - but not smelling like Wunderbaum. The Master Blender at Beardpilot® agrees and enters his laboratory. A few days later, three distinct fragrances are on the table - citrus, peppermint and wood, and the combination of these elements are absolutely Wünder-Fresh!

The Wünder-Fresh products are produced in a limited quantity (only 200 units in total) and are only available through our respected webshops.

The Wünder-Fresh  Combo is on sale due to its expiration date (Exp. 6-2020)

When you buy a Wünder-Fresh Combo you get:

NB.: Note that the Beard Balm contains products made from nuts. You should discontinue use if skin irritations occur.