An Introduction to Beard Oil

What is a Beard Oil?

Whether you are situated in an urban environment, in a more unpolluted rural location or soaring through the air, Beard Oil is used to protect both your beard and skin. All Beard Oils from Beardpilot® have protective properties that prevent beard itch and skin from drying out under your beard.

What makes Beardpilot® Beard Oils unique, is that our oils are all handmade and developed with special care to the attributes of the base oils in the products. This makes our line of beard oils one of the most differentiated beard products in relation to those consisting only of individual fragrances.

The unique attributes of the individual oils can vary from UV-protective properties, inhibiting bacterial growth and having an extra softening effect, to stimulating beard-growth, and so on. These different attributes ensure that Beardpilot® have a product for every type of beard - because we know that no two beards are the same.

Several of our Beard Oils have gained international acclaim and won awards, such as: Adventurer (protective), City Slicker (bacteria-inhibiting), and Spicer (extra-softening). All the beard oils in our product range are 100% natural and handcrafted in Denmark.

Why should I use Beard Oil?

A quality Beard Oil softens and protects the entire beard keeping your beard healthy and nurtured and essential to keeping your beard well groomed. At the same time, good Beard Oils prevent your beard from drying out and causing irritating beard itch.

In addition to the outstanding effect that these oils have on the beard, Beard Oil is also quite beneficial for the skin. Boasting a moisturising effect, the oil ensures that the skin is kept saturated and is not allowed to dry out, itch or become irritated. Therefore, men with shorter beards or a tendency to get redness and irritated skin and itch will also find a Beard Oil beneficial as part of their daily, grooming routine.

City Slicker Beard Oil Natural Danish Handmade

How do I use an oil for the beard?

Using Beard Oil should be part of every bearded man's morning routine, as it cares for and protects both the beard and skin beneath.

Use the pipette to measure three to four drops of oil into the palm of your hand and rub the oil between your hands, to apply a little heat to the oil. Then massage the oil into the entire beard, down to the skin beneath.

The amount of drops required depends on the size of the beard, but normally we recommend using three to four drops for a medium-sized beard.

The fragrance of the oil can be a bit strong when being applied but it will dissipate during the day. If you want to freshen up the beard and fragrance during the day, it can quickly be done by passing a clean hand through the beard as it will re-heat the oil again.

Beard Oil is used before Beard Balm and Moustache Wax, and is also beneficial for men with shorter beards or 'stumps', as the oil cares for both beard and skin.

Beardoil and pipette

When should I use Beard Oil?

Beard Oil will be beneficial to use daily. This is due to its nourishing and softening properties on both the beard and skin.

Do you have a busy morning one day and only have time to use one beard product? Then we recommend that you choose the Beard Oil.

The Beard Oil can be applied quickly, even in and onto a slightly damp beard, enabling your beard to look healthy and be fresh all day long. If the beard is a little longer, Beard Butter can also be advantageous to use, although it does not care for the skin under the beard as Beard Oil does.

To get the most well-groomed and healthy beard, we recommend that you use Beard Oil and Beard Balm on a daily basis, preferably combined with Beard Butter and Moustache Wax for those upper lip hairs.

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