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Beardpilot (front page). The front page consists of information about Beardpilot and its award-winning beard products. You can also see the magazines in which Beardpilot is featured such as The Chap, Euroman and GQ.

The Shop. In the webshop you can buy our 100% natural and handmade beard products - from moustache wax, beard balm and beard serum to beard butter, beard oil and beard kits. Find beard-grooming products with no artificial components for the modern bearded man.

About us. Salem B.S. Dandan is the founder and owner of Beardpilot. He has studied Political Science in Denmark and the UK and has more than 15 years of experience in the retail trade. With Beardpilot, he strives to bring forth Modern Scandinavian aesthetics while using no artificial components in his grooming products.

Retailers. Find a retailer near you who sells Beardpilot products. You are more than welcome to contact us if you are interested in selling our award-winning beard products too. 

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Pilots Blog. Stay updated on beard stuff on our blog. Read about skin and beard care, moustache styles and how to use each of Beardpilot® grooming products. 

Beard History. Have you ever wondered how beards have changed throughout history? Here you can read about the importance of beards from prehistoric time until today.

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