So, you’ve decided to grow a moustache. Well, first of all, congratulations. You’re about to join an incredibly exclusive club, full of the most distinguished and manliest men from all over the world, as well as every era in history.

But now, have you thought about how exactly you want your moustache to look? Will you just let it grow and hope for the best? Will you start out with an idea in mind and work toward a finished product? Or will you just start growing and make a directional decision mid-stream?

It doesn’t really matter which approach you take, as long as you know what you’re getting yourself into. Take a few minutes and refresh your knowledge of the many different moustache styles. There are far too many to get into in too much detail here, but consider this to be a quick overview of some of the more popular styles that you can consider:

The Horseshoe: One of the classics, this moustache has also been referred to in recent years as “the Hogan,” as it was reintroduced by the legendary wrestler in the 1980’s. The Horseshoe is similar to a Fu Manchu, except it doesn’t just hang from the upper lip, it goes all the way around the mouth in a horseshoe shape. It’s a tough and aggressive look that nobody – and we mean nobody – will take lightly.

The Handlebar: This moustache style is going to take a bit more maintenance than others, due to the long ends that need to be styled for maximum effect. It’s one of the ultimate looks, and when executed properly, this moustache will show the world that you take your style very seriously.

The Chevron: This 1970’s classic is also referred to as “the Ron”. It is thick, luscious and something that you’d expect to be worn with a pair of aviators and a police uniform, too. Made famous by Tom Selleck, Ron Jeremy and Freddie Mercury, this moustache became associated with American culture in the 1970s-80s. It was later reintroduced by Ron Swanson (portrayed by Nick Offerman) and Ron Burgundy (portrayed by Will Ferrell), and has flourished ever since.

The Pencil: Now, the Pencil moustache isn’t exactly the pinnacle of upper lip hair growth, but not everyone can grow a Soup Strainer or a Walrus on a moment’s notice. If the Pencil is as good as you can do, don’t worry, you’re still on the right track. If anyone gives you grief, just tell them you’re going for the Vincent Price look. Or maybe a Clark Gable. The Pencil covers the whole spectrum of cool.

Of course, these are just four styles, but all four are great choices as you enter the world of moustachedom. It’s a manly and magical world, but you’ll want to tread carefully at first and take your time with things. Once you’re there, however, you’ll never ever want to go bare-upper-lipped again.







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