Autumn Skincare Tips for Bearded Men

By Peter Minkoff.

Autumn is finally here and that means one thing – you’ll have to upgrade your skincare routine and adapt it for lower temperatures. This process gets even trickier if you’re rocking a beard or moustache, since your facial hair needs extra care during this season. If you’re not quite sure how to successfully manage all these steps, stay with us. Here are five useful tips on how to properly take care of your skin and facial hair this autumn.

Skincare Tips for Bearded Men

Avoid hot water

Even though cold weather outside may make you desperately want a hot shower, the truth is that hot water won’t keep your beard healthy. It can actually damage your skin and beard, by drying them out and stripping them of their natural oils. Instead of indulging in hot showers, you may want to try lukewarm water – it’ll be enough to stimulate your blood circulation. Aside from that, you should always make sure that your beard and skin are completely dry before going out, simply because there are some hard minerals in tap water that can possibly damage your skin and hair.


Invest in a high-quality beard oil

Bearded Man

Apart from skincare must-haves, there are products that are highly-required for taking proper care of your beard. One of these is certainly beard oil – a magical liquid that’ll help you tame your scruff and make it much softer. Apart from that, a good beard oil has moisturizing properties, since it nourishes the skin beneath the beard. There are so many available formulas these days, and the majority of them include essential oils such as tea tree oil or eucalyptus. Apart from these, there are also carrier oils that give you a variety of scents. Some of them are argan oil, jojoba oil, and sweet almond oil. Of course, all these oils have different properties, so choose the combination that suits your needs in the best possible way.

Natural face wash to the rescue

Taking care of your face is as important as taking care of your beard (if not more), so make sure that you have that covered, too. Getting a natural face wash is an absolute must, particularly if you have sensitive skin – such a product will help you maintain the balance and keep your face hydrated and refreshed. Choose the one with cucumber, which soothes and washes away impurities without dehydrating your skin, or the one with kiwi and pineapple, that’ll wash away dullness and brighten your skin. Matcha tea is also a very powerful ingredient, and you can be sure that a face wash that contains it will detoxify your skin and clean your pores without irritation.



Don’t forget a good beard balm

Beard Balm Man

Beard balm is another essential product for men who love their facial hair. Similarly to bead oil, it also moisturizes the skin beneath your scruff. However, it’s much thicker, so you can use it as a styling agent. Experts claim that opting for a beard balm is fine when you’re rocking shorter scruff. On the other hand, oil works much better with longer and fluffier beards. Just make sure to comb or brush your facial hair after applying the balm, so that it can reach your skin and moisturize it properly.


Pamper your moustache

Men who rock moustache know that keeping them in order is tricky business – especially when it comes to keeping them out of their mouth. However, owning a good moustache wax will undoubtedly make your life much easier, because it will help you tame those whiskers and style them like a pro. Just make sure that you’re using an organic version, free of mineral oil and petrochemicals. Apart from that, you’ll have to decide on its strength – there are light, medium, strong, and extra strong. If you’re not quite sure how to apply it, check out step-by-step tutorials before you use it.


As you can see, taking care of your skin and facial hair has never been easier – even though you’ll have to slightly change your routine for cold autumn days. There’s a whole bunch of different products that are meant to make the whole process much simpler, so take advantage of them and rock your beard and/or moustache like a boss this season!

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