How to use Beardpilot® products

Get started with your beard care with a little help from Beardpilot®

In your hands you now have one of Denmark's most award-winning beard products - purchased from your local barber/beard expert or here from our webshop, straight from the Chief Beardpilot himself. You are now ready to start caring for your manly mane (beard) and your skin. Ready for take-off, chocks away!

But, what is the best use of the products? And how does beard butter differ from balm? Read this guide describing how to use the individual Beardpilot® products to get the best results and become fully ‘airworthy’.

Beard Oil

You can advantageously think of beard oil as an essential part of your regular morning routine. Our oils have pipettes, making it easy for you to measure the perfect amount of oil for your routine.

We typically recommend taking 3-4 drops of oil in your hand, which you then, first, rub between your palms, hence warming the oil and opening up the fragrances. Then, second, you massage the oil into your beard. Ideally, the oil is worked through your beard all the way to the skin, as the oil nourishes and protects both the hair strain and skin. If you have a longer fuller beard, Beardpilot recommends using a beard brush to help distribute the oil.

Now that you have a good basic protection for both skin and beard, you are set and ready to conquer the challenges of the day.

Lumberjack Beard Oil 100% Natural

Beard Balm

Beard balm is used for protecting your beard, working with and complementing the beard oil but in a completely different way. While the oil primarily softens and nourishes, the balm offers extra protection for your beard. The beard balm protects hair from external, environmental factors, such as wind, warm or cold weather, odour, etc. Furthermore, the balm makes it easier to style and control your beard. In other words, a beard balm gives you control over your beard and any wild, errant hairs.

Take a fingertip of balm and warm it up in your palms. Apply the balm by massaging it into your beard to give it form. Finally, you have the opportunity to style the beard, shaping it just as you like it the best. Remember that our balms have different holds - ranging from light-hold and medium-hold to strong-hold and extra strong-hold. We know that different types of beard and weather factors mean different needs.

Spicer Beard Balm Beardpilot Grooming

Moustache Wax

Do you have a moustache that would benefit from a wax captain? Every beard deserves a nice and well-groomed moustache, and you don't necessarily need a Lord Kitchener moustache before needing our moustache wax close at hand.

Beardpilot® Moustache Wax comes with different holds, as the main purpose is to give you command and control over the irritating hair that streaks straight into the air or constantly tries to get into your mouth. Therefore, the wax is essential when eating or drinking, as it keeps the moustache in place and makes it easier to clean off food or liquids.

Beardpilot® Moustache Wax offers added help. If you are also working on achieving the well-known bicycle handlebars, but do not have the length to shape the tips yet, you can start to ‘educate’ your upper lip hairs. By ‘educating your hairs’ we mean to highlight the importance of teaching the hairs to lie well above the upper lip from the beginning of their cultivation. If you want to achieve the bicycle handlebars, we recommend that you start with a wax with soft-hold, as it is best for the hairs in the beginning. As time progresses, you should gradually apply a stronger hold wax.

Please note, if you where so inclined as to want to achieve a competition styled hold, so the beard resembles a three-master schooner, you will need to use a resin-based product and not a wax.

Directions for use: Use your fingernail to ‘scrape’ a little wax out of the tin box. Heat the wax between your index finger and thumb, and then apply the wax to your moustache by passing your thumb along your moustache from the centre-out (preferably from underneath) and by ‘twisting’ the hairs towards their ends between your fingers. Get the full control and style as you want.

Connoisseur Moustache Wax Style Beard

Beard Butter

The Beard Butter gives you the ultimate, softening beard experience! The butter differs from oil and balm, as it penetrates into the hairs themselves, and gives moisture, nourishes and softens. The butter is ideal care for a slightly longer beard, and the effect of using the product as part of your daily morning routine is not to be missed. What makes a good beard butter stand out is the way it gives the beard weight and body without it being rigid or unnatural. Therefore, beard butter is ideal for that gentleman’s manes that deserve the best flying conditions.

In addition to moisturizing and softening the beard, many experience the sensation of a fuller and denser beard that looks healthy and well-groomed throughout the day. We believe that Beard Butter is a MUST try for any bearded gent and has to be experienced!

Directions for use: You use beard butter by taking a fingertip of it and warming it in your palms. Then, massage it into the beard and feel the difference immediately.

Danish Beard Butter Adventurer

Beard Serum

Beard Serum is the product range's S.O.S. product. It is made for the captain whose beard has been through severe hardships and needs to get back in balance again. Whether your beard (and skin) has gone completely crazy with beard rash, dandruff, damaged hairs, itching, split ends or other discomforts, you need a serum that cools and restores the beard's natural balance.

Often our Beard Serum is used in the days after returning from vacation, when the beard has been subjected to excessive shifts between heat and cold, or when otherwise not having regular access to your daily beard products. By using a serum, you add nutrients to the beard while cooling and nurturing the skin underneath. Whether you have been sunburned in the face, got a cut or just forgotten to take care of your beard, then the Barista serum is the ultimate care product.

Just like the beard oil, serum has a pipette so you can easily measure out 3-4 drops. Warm it in your hand and massage into the beard. Repeat if necessary.

Barista Beard Serum Danish Beardpilot

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