Introduction to Danish Beard Butter

What is Beard Butter?

Beard Butter is designed to provide the ultimate, softening beard experience and acts as a protective treatment for your facial hairs. In addition to its softening properties, a good butter also protects the beard from wear and tear that is suffers throughout the day. Unlike a Beard Balm that gives the beard hold and makes it possible to style, the Beard Butter gives weight to the beard, which makes it appear fuller and denser, hence giving it more volume or body.

Beard Butter is a relatively new grooming product on several markets. Though the name indicates that Beard Butter is in fact ‘butter' for the beard, it mostly resembles whipped cream reflecting its creamier consistency and in no way as dense as a real butter. As our Beard Butters contains both Shea and Mango butter, it is easier to work the product into the beard, making it not only an ideal treatment but exceedingly easy to apply.

Offering unique qualities, Beard Butters from Beardpilot® are all 100% natural and handmade in Denmark. Our Butters come in a large can of 100ml and are available both with and without fragrance, so there is something special and suitable for every bearded aviator.

Why should I use butter for the beard?

Like other beard products, Beard Butter helps keep your manly mane healthy and is a tool for keeping it well-groomed, so you - and your beard - look at your best all day long. This softening beard experience protects the beard from drying out, as it penetrates into the beard itself and fills every, little hair with moisture.

But, does Beard Butter not have the same functions as a Beard Balm, captain? No, not at all. Although butter and balm are often known to be the same, they cannot be directly equated or replaced. The beard balm protects the beard by working from the outside-in, while having holds from 'light' to 'extra strong' that make it possible to style the beard. Butter also protects the beard, but works as an extra-softening treatment that gives the beard weight, fullness and density - a kind of ‘volumiser’ especially for the longer beard.

While the different Balms differentiate from one another on properties, fragrances, and holds, Beard Butter has the same softening and protective basic properties, however it still differs in fragrance.

Fresh Beard Butter

How do I use Beard Butter?

Beard Butter is often used for slightly longer beards as it softens, protects, and gives the beard density and fullness. Therefore, beard butter should be a regular part of the long-bearded gentleman’s arsenal and applied as often as possible - preferably every morning during your daily grooming routine.

Take what is approximately to a thumbnail-size of Beard Butter (of course, it depends on the dimensions of your beard) and warm it in your palms. The Beard Butter quickly becomes manageable, so massage it into your beard and feel your beard getting both softer and fuller. Just remember this following order for optimal protection and beneficial effect of the products:

  1. Beard Oil
  2. Beard Butter
  3. Beard Balm
  4. Moustache Wax

If you are unsure how to use the individual products, you can read more about each product here.

When should I use Beard Butter?

Beardpilot Danish Beard Butter

You can easily use Beard Butter daily as part of your regular, morning grooming routine. If you have a long and majestic beard, you should definitely treat yourself and your beard so that you can experience the incredible qualities of the Beardpilot® Beard Butter. Our Beard Butter gives the ultimate, softening and protective beard experience. Additionally, it also gives weight to the defiant hairs that creep up under the chin, leaving the beard healthier and looking more powerful after use.

Beardpilot® recommends that you start your day using a good Beard Oil that cares for your skin and hair, after which you then apply the softening Beard Butter into the beard. Next, apply a Beard Balm, which gives your beard a 'seal' that protects against external and environmental factors (weather, food and drink, and similar). Finally, use a Moustache Wax with the desired hold (from ‘light’ to ‘extra strong’) to take your moustache to new heights.

Start your engines and try Beardpilot® Beard Butter today!

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